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I just got off the webinar for Year End. Planning with Tracy Repchuk, and within 30 minutes and with 30 minutes i sold $3000 program from inspirations & lessons she taught on it. You ROCK Tracy.

Marbeth Dunn, Miami FL

The webinar – Plan Your Success Strategies That Make the Difference you just finished was beyond excellent – as per your usual. Love how you explain the steps so easily and the mto love it!, cash calendar system rocks and the BONUS elements at the end were awesome (I’d never put it together that way before – can’t wait to get to it!) Without a doubt Tracy – I’ve learned more from you in 3 months of VIP than I have in the last 5 years with every other coach, mentor or program I’ve invested in.THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Sam Rafoss

Calgary Alberta

It’s amazing how Tracy can take the info you provide from her work sheets and weave them into something so workable

Bruce Merrifield

San Marcos, CA

Tracy’s hands on approach is like none other. She holds nothing back and works to get you results right now. Tracy is the type of coach I strive to be for my clients.

Tara Truax

Ellensburg, WA

Once again I am reminded of how Tracy makes all the mechanics of getting your message clear and out into the world easy and straightforward.

Nicky Marshall


Tracy so thankful our paths crossed. such perfect timing. what an opportunity i have had to witness a genius in action. We are all blessed to have our gifts to serve others, and for you to help us create our unique message in such a simple manner. Thank you for this community of amazing people

Suzi Nelson

Denver Co

I made $11,000 from stage my very first time only because i followed her formula & completely redid my offer and order form

Dr. Elizabeth Naylor

Certified Intrinsic Coach

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