Special Resources for your
Online Foundation Strategies.

From time to time I will put bonus offers that complement the program here along with free gifts that I have to help you move forward or expand on a skill.

The first suggestion I will make is if you don’t have a copy of my book – get it.

Even though this mastermind covers a very wide scope of topics beyond the book, the book 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles is one of the foundations for understanding the entire internet structure.

The link for that is here – www.Just31Days.com

You can get it in hard copy or kindle version if it is not available in your country.

Planning For Success - Must Watch Webinar

If you have someone who could benefit from watching this video, you can send them to this special page we created for non-Mastermind people.
Send them to this link http://innersurf.com/occWebinar2014.html

Q & A Member Webinar with Tracy

Here is a recorded webinar that Tracy did which answered popular questions that were sent in from members and mentees of Tracys groups.

Here are some of the questions covered:

  • What do you know about Google+ and do you recommend using it?
  • How do you suggest improving the conversions on my landing page?
  • I’ve heard that Google doesn’t index landing pages if they don’t have menus or links. Is this true?
  • I’m getting at least twice as much traffic to my blog rather than my landing page. Is that normal?
  • Can you outline a good sales funnel from my landing page. I do have a sales page now for an audio series. Would it come up before the thank-you page? Should I have links to it on my corporate page as well?
  • Corporate versus landing page...
  • How do I get opt-in code for those pages?
  • How do I get Analytics code for Google tracking?
  • Does the free gift go on landing page or corporate site?
  • How do I upload files to my host?
  • Best way to sell videos online
  • Webinars and Teleseminar – what to do when and software
  • Good hosting provider that does it all

Mentoring Group Webinar

Book Owners Webinar

Here is the replay of the Book Owners Webinar that Tracy did on September the 5th where she went over the book and took questions. This event was well attended.

LinkedIn Setup and Connection Tutorial Videos

Visit my LINKEDIN Profile here.

How To Create Your LinkedIn Account in 5 minutes
Watch this Video

LinkedIn Part 2
Configuring Your LinkedIn & Important Elements
Watch this Video

LinkedIn Part 3
How to Get Contacts in LinkedIn and Effectively Communicate and Connect
Watch this Video

Are Your Websites Working FOR You or AGAINST You?

Setting Your Unique Selling Proposition and Reaching Your Target Audience

Using Social Media Effectively & Setup Considerations

Visit my LINKEDIN Profile here.

SM Training Video #1 – General Social Media Introduction & Twitter Technique for Market & Contact Research

SM Training Video #2 – How to Use FACEBOOK and Market Focus Technique

SM Training Video #3 – Using LINKEDIN Effectively, Connecting and Being Found

SM Training Video #4 – The Power of Google Plus and Youtube plus a Social Media Summary

FTC Guardian – Free Basic Membership

This is the system that allows you to create FTC Compliant forms for your website and any online materials and communications.
To register for your FREE FTC Compliance Forms

Go here: http://www.ftcguardian.com/sub/1633188

Enter the following password: getprotected

Once you are logged into the system – here is the text menu option you access from within the system Basic Website Legal Compliance Documents.

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