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Stay Focused - Get Motivated - Be Successful

The Message to Millions Mastermind


Want to make 2014 the best year you have ever had?

Need help getting your message and
service out there?

  Want help staying focused and being motivated?


Join this group of successful businesses, startups, coaches, speakers and authors.

Be a part of these individuals who wants to make 2014 their best year ever with expansion and growth.

Work together, share ideas and colaborate with this private group during the next 12 months. 


"  Tracy will provide her 25+ business years as a successful entrepreneur seeding and nurturing your growth with 12 months of mastermind webinars.  "

Intense, Life Changing Empowering Results Guaranteed!

‘Launch Your Inner Celebrity -
How to Reach Millions with Your Message’ 



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Expand your business
with these benefits month after month

 ...Learn to Craft your message so the world understands
 ...Defining the elements that make your brand
 ...Identifying the pieces you need and how it all works together
 …Knowing what to do, when to do it, what to say, where
 ...Getting the stuff you hate off your plate ™
 ...Launching your site, service, coaching, product, book or you
 ...Make money from the stage, keynoting, the phone or one on one
 …Leveraging mass media to make an impact
 …Market funnel and creation of a cash flow from every angle
 …Best traffic methods for your business, products and services
 …Make as much in a weekend as you do in a year
…Be seen everywhere and cash in on your mojo


What is being said about the Mastermind ...

  "I just got off the webinar for Year End Planning with Tracy Repchuk,
and within 30 minutes I sold a $3000 program from the inspiration
and lessons she taught on it. You ROCK Tracy!!"
MarBeth Dunn, Miami FL

  "The webinar - Plan Your 2014 Success Strategies That Make the
Difference you just finished was beyond excellent - as per your usual.

Love how you explain the steps so easily and the mto love it!,
cash calendar system rocks and the BONUS elements
at the end were awesome (I'd never put it together that way before
- can't wait to get to it!) Without a doubt Tracy - I've learned more
from you in 3 months of VIP than I have in the last 5 years with
every other coach, mentor or program I've invested in.
Sam Rafoss, Calgary Alberta 


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Tracy Repchuk

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